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So my premium recently ran out, and this is how much I need to get another two years! I'd greatly appreciate it if you were to donate, but please, don't feel obliged. If you donate over 100 points I'll make you a sketch, 250 for a sketch with base colours, 500 for one fully shaded character, and for 1030 I'll make you a fully coloured piece with a bg!

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 12, 2014, 11:46 AM
Wow, it's been forever since I last posted here, and I'm 90% certain that all of my previous journals for absolutely AGES all said the same thing, lol, but whatever! I'm just gonna ramble about some stuff that's been going on and my thoughts towards the future of this account, nothing hugely important C:

 So basically the thing that prompted this journal was that my premium's running out in just a few days, and it made me realise, DAMN, it's been a while since I've really bothered with dA! Because it was around the time that I got my premium that I was most active; not gonna lie my 'death' has at least partly been due to the closing of PMDE and its stopgap so-to-speak not living up to expectations. But it's also because my interests are changing I guess, I'm more into drawing random original stuff than Pokemon (don't get me wrong, I love the games; I just don't feel like I have as much creative freedom with them so I've been slowly but surely veering away from drawing them for pretty much the past year). Another factor with this is that I've not had the motivation to actually finish a piece of art in a long, LONG time, I think that the last finished, fully coloured image with a non-lazy background I drew was from August LAST YEAR, and even that felt like a bit of a rushed job at the time. So idk, my motivation's been all over the damn place for ages and it's been so long that even though I have a TON of ideas and still draw quite a lot, it's hard to get back into the groove of doodling-finishing-uploading-doodling-finishing-uploading... It's something I plan on working on, but because college has been weighing on my mind a hell of a lot this year and stressing me out majorly, it's just not something I feel like doing any more.

Speaking of college, I'm ALSO stressing about applying to university this year (I'm applying to study computer science because CAPTAIN NERD also it'd be awesome to be able to make games) because it's a huge jump and I'm not certain it's something I'm going to enjoy; although I'm feeling a lot more confident about this after getting an offer from the university I most want to go to. There's also Oxford stuff; I applied there and took the entrance exam, but I'm really not sure I'm feeling the course there...? Plus the entry requirements are pretty damn high, and even though I DO think I could do it with a hell of a lot of work, I'm not even sure I want to; so is it really worth worrying about? idk, I'm just rambling at the point, kudos if you're still reading xD

ANYWAY, back on topic, my thoughts on what I'm gonna do with dA; I honestly don't know. My premium runs out in a few days and I'm not sure whether to bother renewing it yet (I still have enough points to do so, lol) or to wait until either I can get two years for the price of one, or until I get my shit together and actually use the account every once in a while. The latter two options seem the most sensible to me, but eh, it's gonna feel weird going back to having a free account. So for now I'm gonna work on getting back into actively using dA for more than just checking my inbox, and see where I get to from there; obviously you're gonna have to bare with me on that one because it's going to take a lot of courage to dive back in - especially since 90% of you guys are from my exclusively Pokemon drawing days; I really don't want to disappoint with some actual original stuff lol. But I do have a ton of ideas and things, I've made a script for a short comic involving a character I've not really uploaded anywhere yet which looks like it'll be a fun little project; when I'll actually get around to MAKING it is another thing entirely, but it's there, and it's a thing.

So yeah, I'm not actually dead and haven't given up on drawing or anything, but my pace has absolutely slowed to a halt and I really want to get back into it; seeing my account rot like this when I used to put so much effort into it isn't particularly enjoyable, and I really miss the feedback! I feel like I've improved a ton since I last posted stuff, and I'm eagerly anticipating showing that off a bit :)


Lizz Hλilbirᴆ
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